Swedish forest

Nft long form on fxhash (300 ed.)

Swedish forest output

If I had to choose a place where time was frozen and where I could contemplate the landscape for eternity this place would be a scandinavian forest.
I have been contemplating these kind of landscape for a very long time both in Sweden and in the Pyrenees where the ecosystem is very similar.
This project generates an illustration of a scandinavian forest in many different situations. At day and at night, in every season of the year, next to a lake or not, with steep hills or at the plains, snowing, with preponderance of some plant species over others, etc.
The artwork is also drawn in various paint modes and layouts.

The sun or the moon may be visible, the moon shows always the actual moon phase based on the current date.
The reflection on the lake is the fxhash morse endcoded.