About me

Daniel JuliĆ  is a developer and a generative artist based in Barcelona, Spain, his work has always been focused on the convergence of art and technology. 

He has a degree in Telecom Engineering  (UPC, 1993), and a postgraduate diploma in Audiovisual Communication (UPF, 2001).

Throughout his professional career he has been adapting to evolving technologies. He initially worked with C++, then explored Macromedia Director, Flash, then Javascript and canvas. And more recently, he has ventured into long-form generative NFTs.

Daniel also serves as a university professor, where he teaches different subjects in the intersection of art and technology.

He has some international awards such as an honorific mention in the Ars Electronica Festival in the net-art category (1999), or the second prize in the Innova Challenge MX with Flux (2015) among others.


Swedish forest exhibited in Responsive Dreams 2023
Collective exhibition
Roundtable in responsive Dreams
Participation in a roundtable discussion
String Art Generator exhibited in NFT BCN 2022
Collective exhibition
React 2020
Collective exhibition